a first time for everything


yeah, it’s a crappy picture, but i didn’t think the forced nostalgia of instagram was really appropriate. oh and yes…that’s a whole sh*tload of glass

so, last friday i had my first brush with the city’s baser sort courtesy of a vehicle break in. you might say, ‘it was bound to happen’ or ‘welcome to the club’, but for whatever reason i thought i may avoid it.

i’d been coming into the city solo since i picked up a set of wheels and had now lived here for over six months never having experienced, really, anything more than the occasional run-in with an overaggressive squeegee. so, the gag reflex that hit me around 8:30 friday morning came a little unexpectedly.

i’ll avoid the over-the-top suggestions that this is a microcosm of my personal character arc (well, maybe just for today…we’ll see) and only say that i’m thankful because i’m sure my detroit crime cherry could’ve been popped in a way that may not be so easy to fix (yes, all is well).

okay, fine. one more thing…back in january i went on record with several folks that i have no regrets in moving to the city. it has been all that i anticipated and more. while undesireable, some february incident certainly isn’t going to change my opinion on the decision. why would it?

now i’m part of a club.